Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Chineese New Year Friends :-)

Assalamualaikum , Hei my friends? How are you , fine? :-) Woahhh Onee week school holiday because Chineese New Year , huhu. So, many homwork must be do , Omygod--' A lot off homework during school day haih --'. Lazy to do , if not do a homwork. Of course and confirm a teacher angry because not cmplete yet , muehehe :D I just do some homework just now and another want to do tomorrow :p .When Chineese New Year , Where you go on holiday? discuss with me :D I go to KL On Sunday and back to Segamat on Tuesday. Just 3 days , so early not take so long day because have class tusyen hee. To Chineese friends I wish :Happy Chineese New Year kay? Take care and must remember to me , haha. When school back , you must give me "Angpau" If don't give i kill you , haha. Okaylah youu all I want to sleep cause very tired today :( okay Goodnites reader , I sleep first byee muaaah :*xD

*harinih saja nk test BI , Hbes terabur - terabur perkataan. Saya hnya insan biaasa yg masih ade kekurangan :-) Kalau tk suka tuh sorry.